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“Individual development is largely dependent on an intensive and collaborative exchange with like-minded people.”

Are you often faced with complex challenges in your day-to-day work which is characterized by complexity and dynamic change?

Many different projects, rapidly changing requirements as well as permanent developments in the industry: Complexity arises that overwhelms almost every one of us in the workplace. When dealing with complex situations we quickly reach our limits. There are often no simple solutions available to solve these complexities. In the Safari-Community we help each other to deal with complex tasks.

Statements by various people in the Safari-Community regarding complexity:

“Situations get even more complex if you are not aware of the complexity hidden within and if you then try solve them by simple means. Complexity arises from a lack of openness to new things, insufficient exchange of knowledge and a lack of courage to think outside of the box.”

Andrea M.

“Complexity arises from a manifold of projects, the risk of losing track and the task of finding solutions and compromises in the interests of all that are involved.”

Christian S.

“It gets complex when there is a general overwhelming, meaning overwhelming quantities or if the tasks exceed the own competences.”

Dominik K.

“For me, it is complex if a topic has many facets that have to be taken into account and are linked to other topics. Above all, topics that are not immediately apparent at first glance.”

Oliver W.

“In the Safari-Community we help each other to deal with complex tasks.”

For some, dealing with colleagues and customers on a personal level is complex; for others, the complexity arises from the difficulties with prioritization, time management or through parallel projects. 


  • How does our company turn more customer-centric?
  • How can we gradually introduce digital systems without affecting day-to-day business?

In short, we use the term complexity to summarize situations and structures in need of improvement and with no obvious solutions. What is considered complex is very individual and versatile.

Very few courses of study, training and education focus on dealing with complexity. We are a community of like-minded people and offer concrete tools and methods to master complex tasks. In an intensive and collaborative exchange, everyone works on their own personal challenges.

As part of a complementary community, we give you the opportunity to train yourself individually so that you can master the challenges coming up for you.

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Away from the school setting

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Create an awareness of complexity

In conversations with our customers and partners, we consistently find that they quickly reach their limits when dealing with multilayered and complex situations. There are often no simple answers to solve these complexities. We then asked ourselves with the Safari community how to identify the individual problem areas, which methods are used to address them in principle, and how they can be made applicable to individual situations.


How does the Safari Community work?

The goal is to be able to solve complex challenges better. That is why we want to bring like-minded people together who have something in common, they ask themselves the question: How do I tackle my complex situation for which there is still no solution? Working on your own business challenges sets the pace and thus enables you to go on your very personal paths of development, together.

My topics determine:

 … which meetings I go to

 … which methods and tools are learned

 … in which practical situations I get a deeper insight,

 … which experts and coaches accompany me, and

 … how and with whom I work in a close exchange of content.

Learning community enables individual development paths

Our partners and customers brought up the idea: The starting point was the search for a format that would deal with complexity. We at Safari believe that individual development paths have to be passed through in order to respond. The individual development path should be understood as a self-directed path, supported by the Safari Community and tackled based on your own challenges. In addition to individual composition, high-quality content should be provided by experts as well as the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people.

Individually selectable content and transfer formats

We at Safari believe that the learning journey is made up of three columns: On one hand, the teaching of content at different depths, and on the other hand, the support to put this content into practice. Excursions and practical examples or exchanges with technical experts and pioneers round off the methodological foundations and their in-depth modules. The third column is the primary work on your personal challenges through coaching formats and a personal learning concierge.

The Safari Community as a personal source of inspiration

The Safari Community offers a number of advantages. You get access to valuable information and methods in terms of content, you can exchange ideas with technical experts and find a source of inspiration in the community for solving your own complex questions. Small groups develop from the Safari Community, with which you can take a perspective outside the box or take part in specific problem-solving workshops with related topics.

Our experience makes us your right counterpart

The idea of ​​the Safari Community is not based on learned content from workshops or seminars, but is based on years of experience in application-related consulting. From this experience grew our deep conviction that the way of the individual development path can generate new potential in dealing with complexity.

Safari Community Voices

You want to know how the idea of ​​the Safari community is received?
Here you will find voices from community members and interested parties.

“I came here because I am looking for cross-industry exchange, to talk about agility and to exchange experiences.”

Christian, Logistics Industry

“In this community I got insights into other companies that I would not have had otherwise.”

Andreas, Telecommunications Industry

“The best thing for me was the case-based advice from colleagues, thus to discuss use cases in a larger group with all the combined knowledge, and I felt that my colleagues had a lot to take home with them.”

Andrea, Telecommunications Industry

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